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How to determine the ceiling height? Is there any trick?


1. The height of the ceiling in the living room needs to be determined according to the floor and the situation on site. As far as the average family is concerned, the height of the living room is 3.3 meters, and the higher the ceiling of the living room, the better. The height of the living room of 3.3 meters can be 3 meters, and it is easy to feel depressed if it is too low. If it can be done higher, of course the effect will be better.

2. Commonly used materials for the ceiling of the living room include wooden plywood, stone-faced paper plasterboard, decorative gypsum board, plastic gusset board, aluminum gusset board and plastic organic light-transmitting board. The ceiling of different materials will also produce different feelings according to different ceiling heights.

3. The shape of the first-level ceiling is only one level lower, that is, the ceiling with two planes and only one level, which is generally relatively simple. Generally, it is 120-150mm away from the top. Under normal circumstances, the edge of the ceiling is made 5CM thick (it looks 5CM) at the first level, but because sometimes it is necessary to make a reflective light groove, it is necessary to reserve a space for installing lights, so the first-level ceiling is generally down. 120-150mm. Generally, the thickness of the first-level ceiling with light trough is 6cm.

4. The second-level ceiling refers to the two-level ceiling, which is a little more complicated. The more layers, the larger the size of the dropped ceiling. The multi-level ceiling is suitable for spaces with higher floor heights. For example, some pipes are under the suspended ceiling, and when the floor height is not enough, the ceiling can only be suspended locally. This is the second level ceiling. The height of the second-level ceiling is generally lowered by 20cm, and it also depends on the height of your floor. If the floor height is very high, you can also increase the thickness of each level. The height of the floor is short, and each level can be slightly 2~3 cm, not too small, otherwise the light tube cannot be installed, and if no light is installed, each level can be hung down by 5 cm.

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