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How to deal with the yellowing of the mineral fiber ceiling


As a manufacturer of mineral fiber ceiling,Anhui ShengTian pointed out that in most cases, mineral fiber ceilings will appear after a long period of use, and will change color due to prolonged exposure to the air. At this time, how to deal with these discolored mineral fiber ceilings becomes a difficult problem. Do ceilings with this problem need to be refurbished? Can I cover the yellow color with latex paint? What if the mineral fiber ceiling is yellow?

First of all, we must understand why mineral fiber ceilings turn yellow? There are two possible reasons: the mineral fiber ceiling material is not good, or the paint color used in processing is not correct. This is more common when unpacking and installing mineral fiber ceilings. When there is a problem with the mineral fiber ceiling material, or the quality of the material used for painting is poor, the mineral fiber ceiling will be oxidized and discolored when exposed to the air after installation.

There are also mineral fiber suspended ceilings that have been used for a period of time and have not yet passed the product quality warranty period. At this time, we recommend that you return it directly. When there is a color problem with the mineral fiber ceiling, there will also be a problem with the internal material ratio. In the next use, other quality problems may also be exposed.

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Mineral fiber ceilings last too long. This falls under the normal use of mineral fiber ceilings. Faced with this situation, we suggest that customers remove it and replace it with a new mineral fiber ceiling. Of course, some customers use direct brushing of latex to cover discolored mineral fiber ceiling surfaces to save costs.

This method is not recommended, because although it is relatively cost-effective, since the mineral fiber ceiling is directly hung on the paint keel, direct brushing of latex paint will lead to uneven painting and many places will easily affect the appearance of the mineral fiber ceiling; and the mineral fiber Sound absorption and sound insulation performance, the ceiling will shrink after painting, so you need to be very careful when using this method.

Discoloration of mineral fiber ceilings occurs. The internal structure and changes of these plates to a certain extent are likely to cause hidden safety hazards. Without affecting the aesthetic appearance and normal use, it is recommended that users reasonably consider the price of mineral fiber ceilings, and replace the mineral fiber ceilings in time after they change color.

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